Monday, May 17, 2010

Planning your Fall Wedding in 2010


WEDDING COLOR NEWS :  Aqua, Turquoise, Navy, Hot Pink, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Magenta, Pink, Mauve, Coral, Gray, Silver, and Cobalt Blue are HOT colors in 2010

When you're planning a fall wedding it is easy to become enmeshed in the colors of the season- rust, yellows, golds and reds. Color palettes of brick and terra cotta are bountiful in the autumn season and many brides will use leaves and harvest as inspiration for decor. But you don't have to be a stickler when it comes to planning that fall wedding- the possibilities are endless for the moderns and discerning bride.

According to THE KNOT, the color forecast this upcoming fall season is endless. Leaf hues and earth tones are not necessarily the only choices- considering alternatives such as plum and chic gold can certainly compliment the season too. Brown is still going to be hot- and will pair well with blacks, creams and reds. I'm seeing lots of pastels being used when brides are purchasing invitations for fall weddings- especially aquamarine and turquoise. Purples seem to be getting hot this year too- lots of great eggplant colors being combines with creams and yellows will be setting the stage for a unique ceremony in the pre-winter months.

I am not a wedding planner nor am I a bride-to-be. But, as a custom wedding invitation designer, I do have the distinct opportunity to not only interact with brides but to also see the choices being made throughout the seasons. This year, it seems that the Knot is absolutely correct (no surprises there!)- in that brides are now electing to make choices based on their own preferences and are embracing aspects of their individualistic personalities despite the season!  I have been receiving many requests to incorporate navy, pomegranate and hot pinks (not all together, mind you) into the color schemes too- whether the bride has elected to go with a more formal damask or a playful floral decor- accents seem to be the word of the day. More and more I see brides electing to use their favorite colors despite the season.  So I figured I'd share some of the custom designs created for the fall brides this year...hope the suggestions assist you in planning your day! And as always, please do not hesitate to contact me at if you would like a personalized paper product designed for your event!


THE FLOWERSHOP : Great florals for your wedding day- lots of contemporary designs focused on beautiful florals for all seasons

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DAMASK DIVA  :  As the name implies, this storefront contains all of my damask inspired designs- from hot pink to navy blue and everything in between. 

Some of the hottest designs so far this year for fall weddings in my stores:

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