Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Easy Holiday Party Planning Ideas

Holidays are times meant to be celebrated with family and friends- and with that in mind, your holiday party planning should never be stressful! Many families enjoy Christmas parties that are traditional, some are looking for more modern twists or a touch of elegance not found throughout the rest of the year. And with the current economy, everyone is looking for ways to save for the holidays- and parties are certainly no exception to that rule! You can combine some new party supplies to your treasured decorations for a fresh look- and still make a great impression for your holiday celebration! No matter what type of holiday party animal you are, just remember that any kind of holiday entertaining begins with great ideas and party themes for both adult & kids.

MUST DO's- The Simple Way!

For some of us, the mere thought of entertaining even our closest friends strikes terror in our hearts. For others, a house full of guests is true bliss. Throwing a holiday party doesn't have to be challenging if you follow some basic guidelines from the onset!

If you begin your planning now, there will be much less stress closer to the holidays, when you're trying to bake, wrap presents and meet all of those "holiday deadlines." The more time you have before the Big Day, the more shopping and cooking that you can do well in advance -- instead of in a mad rush at the end. Go ahead and make a list of those you would like to have in attendance- and plan your menu too- just a quick list of reminders to get the party started! If someone is absolutely essential as a guest, call them now and book their calendar! Your other guests should be invited as soon as you set the date. Try to give people no less than three weeks' notice -- remember, holiday schedules fill up fast. A good strategy: Invite friends and family by phone, then follow up with a written reminder. And that means now~

I figured I'd give you some ideas of the "best of" this holiday season- maybe this will take a little stress of your plate by making that decision process so much easier. Here are the hot trends on the street right now...enjoy!

Custom Holiday Party Invitations

Damask Holiday Christmas Party Invitation card
Holiday Open House Party Invitations Silver Bells card
Winter Holiday Party Invitation Snowflake Elegant card
Flat Holiday Party Invitation-Custom Printed postcard

Noel Ornament Holiday Party Invitation Christmas card
Abstract Christmas Trees Party Invitation postcard
Holiday Party Invitation Christmas Party Invite card
Holiday Open House Party Invitations Snowflakes postcard
Christmas New Year's Eve Holiday Party Invitations card
Modern Winter Holiday Party Cocktails Invitation card
You're Invited card
Save the Date Winter Wedding Holiday Party Tree card
Holiday Party Invitation Card card
Elegant Cocktail Party Open House Dinner Invite card
Green Snow Globe Invitation card
Holiday Open House Party Invitations Damask card
Peace on Earth Christmas Holiday Tree Greeting card
Preferred Client Annual Holiday Party Invitations card
Holiday Open House Party Invitations Christmas card
Holiday Party Invitation Green card
Holiday Open House Party Invitations Christmas card

Wonderfully Custom Holiday Stamps

Modern Christmas Balls RSVP Elegantly Colorful stamp
You're Invited stamp
Holiday Party Ornamental RSVP Stamps stamp
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Winter Christmas Holiday Party Invitation RSVP stamp
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Vintage Christmas Stamps Winter Farm Landscape stamp
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Your Food and Drink List:
Remember, it's the season of mistletoe so KISS! Keep it simple whether you're planning a brunch, buffet, or a cocktail party, food and drink are your party's most important ingredients. That being said, the holidays are all about friendship and togetherness- the food is just a small part of your gathering so far as the spirit goes. Pick some easy recipes that are sure to please- even if it's lasagna and meatballs- keep in mind your guests dont eat at your house every day so it may be a first! If you do want to serve a dish you've never cooked before, be sure to test the recipe at least once (twice is even safer) before the party. And be sure to go for simple appetizers and side dishes that can be easily prepared in advance.

And don't forget those winter cocktails! Nonalcoholic cider and essential punches will make your party that easier the day of!
And when it comes to alcohol, don't feel obligated to set up a full bar. Unless you're having a cocktail party, it's fine to limit your selections to wine and beer, and perhaps a special punch.

Table and Home Decor
A festive holiday table and some tactfully placed snowflakes hanging in just the right places can be al you need for the perfect final touches. A beautifully set table can make even the simplest foods look elegant and inviting. Add a great table cloth and some classic decorations as a centerpiece and you'll be amazed at how beautiful the setting can become. Even head outdoors and grab some pine cones and holly springs, place them in a glass bowl and add a pretty cream or red ribbon- viola!

Most importantly, do not forget about the spirit of the holiday season. The truth is that most people are delighted to have someone go to all the trouble it takes to entertain. Your guests will never know that you forgot the cucumbers for the salad or that the dessert was store-bought -- and if they do figure it out, chances are they won't care. When they arrive, they'll be in a party mood! Happy Holidays!!!!