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The 2010 Graduation Scene: Custom Graduation Announcements are IN!

commencement  n. 1. a beginning; a start. 2. a ceremony at which academic degrees or diplomas are  conferred.

It is hard to imagine to those of us that thought the year would never actually get here, but the graduates of 2010 are heading out of school and into the "real world." I graduated from college way back in 1987- and things have certainly changed in the last two decades. Graduation will always, however, be a time to honor the tenacity and perseverance of years of study, growth and the challenges that await each student as they prepare for the next step in their lives. And it is now officially the CLASS OF 2010's chance to shine!

The history of the graduation ceremony is a tradition that is considered a rite of passage. The ceremony marks a transition from one stage in a student's life to another. Arnold van Gennep coined the phrase "Rite of passage" in 1909 and he believed the rite of passage included the following three steps:1.Separation from Society, 2.Inculcation-transformation; 3.Return to Society in the new status.

All graduation passage rituals fulfill certain universal functions : (1) Dramatize facing new responsibilities, opportunities and dangers, (2) Readjust the participant (and all in their social circle) to these changes, (3) They establish solidarity and sacredness of common values or rituals.  Each culture either creates it's own rite of passage ceremony, or acquires one being handed-down (tradition) or both; and, will form a new ritual based on the current moment. The graduation ceremony dates back to the 12th century. Some feel it began with scholastic monks with their ceremonies in robes and has evolved to fit the society in which it is celebrated ever since

Enter 2010: Gone are the days of Victorian etiquette and social constraints when it comes to sharing the good news of your graduation with family and friends. In place of the formal, boring black or blue envelopes of the past, today's graduation announcements can be an expression of who you are, what you've accomplished, and where you're headed. Personalized messages, formats, and colors can be used to create something uniquely yours as you tell friends, family, and neighbors that your day of accomplishment and celebration is at hand.

Graduation notices are no longer limited to high school and college graduates either. With today's modern technology, you can create correspondence that announces graduation from any number of schools, institutions, or other personal accomplishments. Kindergarten, beauty school, job training, passing the bar exam, or finally getting that long sought after motorcycle license all qualify as good news that those who care about you will want to hear about.

Unique designs abound this year with lots of opportunities to add great snapshots of your graduate- templates abound throughout the web.  The style you select will add a personal touch you can't get from mass produced cards. Choose from different shapes, colors, photo layouts, and personalized messages to create something no one else has ever seen before. You select the colors, the font, the message, and style. You can express your team spirit with school colors, focus on who the graduate is today, or feature a photograph that will have recipients laughing out loud. From movie themes to floral branches and leaves- from cap throwing grads to grads holding puppies- the graduate in 2010 has so many options.

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And when you're planning to send out the final announcement, albeit for the big graduation party or thank you notes after the fact, don't  forget the extra touches that will make this event one of a kind. Consider adding customized graduation postage to the invitation- perhaps a photo of your graduate, a class of 2010 diploma with the college or high school embossed across the front of the stamp? And graduation stickers will complete the suite and make that first impression for the crowd.  Add a touch of flash with a gold seal to your envelope, or seal your envelopes with something directly related to your accomplishment: a custom law degree insignia for the law school grad, a writing pad sticker for the new teacher, or a calculator sticker for the new CPA. You can be as creative as you like when building your personalized announcements and invitations, along with the suite of extras too.

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Creating your very own photo graduation ensemble provides you with an opportunity to express yourself to family and friends as you share your good news. Graduations are life markers. They are events that tell others that you have set a goal, worked hard, and succeeded. Everyone you know will want to hear the good news, and there's no better way to announce your accomplishment than with photo graduation announcements created exclusively by you!
Sandy Buckley is a graphic designer and photographer living in Washington State since 2005. She maintains several storefronts at Zazzle which feature custom designs for all occasions, as well as a website*/*/

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