Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wedding Themes for 2013 Weddings

Creating your perfect wedding theme in 2013 will be simple this year as charming, vintage and natural images have become the hottest trends for 2013 throughout the year. Wedding decorations and fashion have simplified and the colors available to brides have become brilliantly inspired as steadfast tradition begins to take a second place to individuality. This is your year to be creative.


Rumor has it that bird wedding themes are one of the hottest ideas this year with lots of charing bird nests, vintage bird cages and sweet bird houses adorning both bridal shower invitations and wedding venues throughout the year. Brides can inspire guests with whimsical bird nest wedding centerpieces and place card holders- think rustic, hand made and CHARMING!!! Add a few tactically placed florals and your wedding seating is complete!
With the backdrop of natural browns in the woods, your wedding colors can range from dramatic and bold blues, hot tangerines and bright pinks to the more natural themes of earth tones and soft pink and grays or aqua birds eggs.

I found another blogger who has covered the decor and her blog is wonderful!


Of course you will want to send out beautiful bird theme wedding invitations to set the tone for your wedding day. This season you will find many different designs that will assist you in setting the stage for your bird themed wedding in 2013!


Vintage Birds Aqua & Hot Pink Wedding Invite Love Birds Falling Hearts Oak Tree Wedding Invite Beautiful Bird Tree Wedding Invitation Vintage Teal Birds Damask Wedding Invitations Birds Silhouettes Wedding Invitation - Red - Vintage Birds Lagoon Endive Damask Wedding Custom Invitation
Modern Birdcage Wedding Invitation - Orange Bird Nest in a Spring Tree Custom Invitations Vintage Cherry Blossom Chickadee Damask Wedding Custom Announcements Cherry Blossom Sakura Love Birds Wedding Invite Love Birds & Paper Lanterns Custom Invites Birds and Cake Custom Announcement
Amber Glow Fall Leaves Vintage Bird Wedding Invite Heart Leaf Coral Tree Dove Love Bird Weddings Announcement Elegant Birds Baby Shower Invitations Lovebirds on Branches Wedding Invitations fatfatin Cherry Blossoms Love Birds Wedding Invite Modern Birds Wedding Invitation
These are just a few of the beautiful and creative bird themed designs from which you can choose for your 2013 wedding! 

In our next post we'll cover more of the hottest themes in 2013 wedding planning- the mason jar!!!

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