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According to all the hottest sources on the wedding circuits, 2011 Wedding InvitationTrends are calling for color and style. No longer is the bride to be constrained to flowers and swirls fonts on their wedding invites- 2011 wedding invitation trends call for bold colors, modern wedding invitation styles and using your own personal, artistic style to claim the day of your wedding.

A mere generation ago, planning your wedding was a whole lot easier. Cream invites with black script font, a few paper choices to go through and your invitations were "good to go." The wedding invitation market just didn't have alot of options- but that is certainly no longer the case. In 2011, you can express your personal style in any way you want. So what does this mean to you if this is your wedding year? Throw caution to the wind!

Some brides can solve the color question without thinking too much about style. They might have a life-long love for purple. Or, their venue might have strong hues they need to coordinate with. Or, when they picture their wedding, they already see their bridesmaids awash in certain colors. But for others, choosing your wedding colors is not so easy- so let's look at what the experts have to say.

All creative professionals from graphic designers to fashionistas hold one thing scared— color predictions from Pantone. Pantone is the absolute leader in color trend. Yes there is a company that does this! Typically industries from printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical looks to Pantone for inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color. It is how color is decided.

Michelle Mospens has also been quoted and used as a color reference for brides since, oh...forever! Her colors for the 2011 spring and summer wedding season are above- I've added color codes for easier use. She also concurs- bright is the color choice for 2011- tropical, whimsical and LOVELY!!!! Yup, this wedding season embrace vivid shades of your favorite color from lime green to bold orange and everything in between!

And you cannot forget the fall and winter wedding in 2011. The colors are still very unique and GORGEOUS- great rich warm tones that have never before been used for weddings!!!


And the colors are translating into a whole new world of wedding invitation opportunities- think bold, modern and stylish this year with many different vendors offering up incredibly unique wedding invitations in the 2011 marketplace. A popular trend in 2011 will be putting a little sophistication into the vintage wedding invites of the past- adding a modern twist to the retro styles of days gone by.


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