Thursday, July 8, 2010

Planning your Winter Wedding in 2010

With warm temperatures, balmy days and beautiful choice in floral landscapes, the wedding season absolutely peaks in the summer months. According to the Association for Wedding Professionals International, an international organization dedicated to providing a central source of information for wedding planners, peak wedding season falls between May and October in most of the US.  But it is also during those months that wedding coordinators, photographers, caterers and couriers are able to charge the most with services so in demand.

Maybe you weren't quick enough to lock in a June wedding date, or maybe you just want to do something a little different from the rest of the pack. With the winter wedding season comes a 40-50% decline from the peak season- which means that couples who choose to plan their nuptials in the winter months enjoy a respite from the costly months of summer too.  And the colors of winter are deeper and richer, allowing you greater latitude than spring and summer brides, who traditionally stick with tried and true pastels.


Floral arrangements may be the one exception to the general "reduced costs" rule and unless you remain flexible, this could cause you a bit of chagrin.  The average cost of wedding flowers ranges between $2000-$3000 in the US.  To save on the winter wedding arrangements- try to choose florals that are "in season" such as hollies, irises, lillies, roses and pines. Sticking to locally grown flowers that are "in season" is the absolute least expensive option.

However, there are now a vast range of winter wedding flowers available thanks to commercial growers cultivating under glass and importing from warmer climates. With that in mind you will want to consider from where the flowers are being imported- try to find florists who are importing from countries where it is the opposite season- so flowers are being grown and are plentiful as opposed to a similar winter situation in that region (which would make the imports more expensive).  Remember, seasonal foliage is everywhere this time of the year- so lots of green accents can be used to reduce your costs in the floral department!


Pantone issued their guide to the hot colors for 2010 weddings last year- bright joyful colors and combinations that cannot be beat. Turquose was named their color of  2010- but dont feel boxed in by that designation in the winter  months. Although, there are great teal and turquoise accents to be found during the winter season, think about combining the colors above- perhaps a tomato puree with sprigs of eucalyptus? Now we're talking warm and toasty tones to an otherwise drab season!

You'll want to use the ceremony site as a starting point when planning your nuptials and color schemes. Keep in mind you will most likely be bringing the guests indoors- so the entire ceremony and reception will not have to reflect the iciness of the season outside! Metals (silvers, golds, bronzes) will all accent your winter event well- if you have a favorite- work the other colors around the metallic. For example, keep in mind the base tone of your metal selection- silvers tend to pair better with "colder tone" colors (blues, greys, magenta) while golds pair well with the warmer colors (yellows, rich red and oranges, purples). Dramatic or understated, you'll love the effect!!

Once you've decided on a venue and have found that perfect color combination for flowers and the ceremony/reception- it's now time to find that perfect wedding invitation suite which will set the tone for guests expectations of the event.  Since we know that not all weddings take place in the summer, subtle snowflakes, warm purees and corals, cool blues, rich eucalyptus and herb wedding invitations with winter themes are all available to complement your winter wedding. At NOTEDOCCASIONS we offer a beautiful palette of affordable invitations for all seasons- but secretly love the winter season designs the most!

Since it's a winter wedding, you want your invitations to arouse and inspire romantic feelings and thoughts of freshly falling snow, wintery landscapes, Jack Frost, icicles and sleigh bells. Yes, you want your invitations to produce in your guests the type of thoughts and feelings that caused famous painters like Picasso, Van Gough and da Vinci to create their masterpieces and works of art.

This is the type of effect you want your invitations to have on your guests. Yes, your invitations should leave them enthusiastically counting down the days....

You may consider the following ideas on your venture to the alter. And as always, please do not hesitate to contact me for a customized wedding invitation at Congratulations!!!


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