Friday, February 27, 2009

St Patricks Day Shirts and Gifts Are Sure To Please All of us who Are Irish for a Day!

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by Irish people and increasingly by non-Irish people (usually in Australia and North America). Celebrations are generally themed around all things Irish and, by association, the colour green. Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate the secular version of the holiday by wearing green or orange, eating Irish food and/or green foods, imbibing Irish drinks (such as Guinness or Baileys Irish Cream) and attending parades. The first civic and public celebration of Saint Patrick's Day took place in Boston, Massachusetts in 1737. Can You Say- Shamrocks Everywhere!

Shamrock is the common name for clover that is native to Ireland. Its proper name is Irish Seamrog, or "little clover", and Ireland has adopted this plant as the national emblem of Ireland. However, it's interesting to add that there are hundreds of varieties of clover throughout Ireland. Legend has it that Saint Patrick used the Hop Shamrock, with its trifoliate nature, to demonstrate how the three separate elements of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit are united into One entity-the Holy Trinity. But even prior to Saint Patrick, it is thought that shamrocks, particularly the small-leaved, white clover, were considered good luck symbols in Ireland. Pre-Christian Celts used Shamrocks to keep evil spirits away. Now, the Irish in Ireland and abroad wear shamrocks to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on March 17th each year.

Some thing never change and when it comes to St Patricks Day, we still wear green, clothes ourselves in lots of shamrocks and drink green beer on March 17th- the day when everyone brings a little bit of Ireland to the celebration. Thinking of hosting a party? Here are some simple tips and fun gifts to get the party started!!

First, put on something green. This has nothing to do with preventing getting pinched or looking like a leprechaun. It has everything to do with remembering the green hills of Ireland. Next, check out this cool website for lots of fun foods, crafts and activities that will bring out the leprechaun in everyone! And dont forget to plan ahead with some unique custom stamps, fun four leaf clover stickers, great irish t-shirts and so much more!

St Patrick's Day Stamps

Happy St. Patrick's Day Green Shamrock Irish Stamp stamp
Four Leaf Clover Irish Shamrock St. Patty's Day stamp
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ireland Shamrock stamp
Happy St. Patrick's Day Green Shamrock Irish Stamp stamp
Leprechaun Kisses stamp
Lucky Leprechaun stamp
St. Patrick's Day Party Invitation Postage Stamp stamp
St. Patrick's Day Party Invitation Postage Stamp stamp
St. Patricks Shamrock Postage stamp
Postage-Vintage St. Patricks Day stamp
Postage-Vintage St Patricks Day stamp
St. Patricks Angel bringing you good luck stamp

St Patrick's Day Stickers

Irish Shamrocks St Patricks Day Stickers sticker
Adorable Leprechaun with Shamrock St Patrick's Day sticker
St Patrick's Day Pot Of Gold Shamrock Envelope sticker
St Patricks Day Green Shamrock Irish Luck Stickers sticker
St. Patrick's Day Green Shamrock Irish Luck Gift sticker
St. Patricks Day 4 Leaf Clover Stickers Kiss Me sticker
Erin Go Bragh Leprechaun Shamrocks and Pot of Gold sticker
Leprechaun St Patricks Day Irish Stickers sticker
Luck O' The Irish sticker
St. Patrick's Day Pirate sticker
Shamrock Circle sticker
Lucky Charm Leprechaun Sticker sticker

Fun Irish T Shirts (All Can Be customized!)

Irish St. Patricks Day ShamRock shirt
I see Drunken People shirt
Irish Drinking Team shirt
Made in Ireland t-shirt shirt
four leaf clover. luck o' the irish. shirt
Who's Your Paddy! shirt
Lucky To Be Irish T-shirt shirt
Party Leprechaun shirt
Irish This Is How I Roll T-Shirt shirt
St. Patrick is my Homeboy shirt
lucky horseshoe. hi-fi. shirt
Let's Get Ready To Stumble! Shirt shirt

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