Sunday, December 28, 2008

Presidential Inauguration Party Ideas 2009

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With the Obama inauguration right around the corner, there are surely some people who simply will not be able to make it to the festivities in Washington DC. With tickets fetching thousands of dollars, why not invest in your own little piece of the action and create your very own inauguration bash without leaving your front door? Here's a few tips to help you throw a great party and participate in this historic event.

1) The date? January 20th, 2009. Planning: Create a checklist that includes - confirming location and time, number of guests, email addresses of guests, food & beverage items, etc. You can either compose a simple email to invite family or friends, or use an online service such as eVite.

2)Colors? Red, white and blue- it's all about patriotic intentions here. Flags, stars, streamers- think fourth of July on speed! You can search the internet for lots of great political graphics- download and print out for the bash! Randomly place the printed graphics around the house- on tables, hanging from walls, surrounding victory candles- you cannot go overboard!!

3)Group Photos: Be sure to commemorate this SPECIAL event with lots of group photos. The day will be historic any way you look at it- be sure to have lots of reminders of the day around for years to come!

4) Dress the part! There are thousands of sites offering up very creative Obama wear and collectibles- from inexpensive to wosie, take somoe time and shop the net for the perfect memorabilia for guests. Some great ideas follow- page down for some great inauguration memorabilia!

President Barack Obama Poster - Grunge print
Inauguration 2009 print
Obama Blue 44th President Poster 3 print
Inauguration Day Poster print
Barack Obama President Inauguration Poster print
President Obama Photo Collectibles mug
Unleash the power mug mug
Welcome Mr. President Plain Mug mug

Barack Obama 2009 Victory Calendar I calendar
Obama 2009 calendar
Obama Inauguration button
Obama Inauguration Day Button button
LIMITED EDITION Obama Inauguration COLLECTORS button
inauguration day President Barak Obama Key Chain keychain
January 20: Change Begins (Obama Inauguration) keychain
Obama Hat - Inauguration Day Celebration hat
Obama inauguration mousepad
President Obama Great Seal mousepad
President Obama Inauguration T-Shirts! mousepad

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