Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bridal Shower Invitations, Custom Bridal Shower Postage and More!

Bridal Showers are great occasions which allow the friends and family of the bride to be (and groom to be) to spend some relaxed time with the busy couple before the big wedding day. It's a time for sharing funny stories about the couple, to give some much needed advise to the busy bride and for everyone to show general support for the upcoming nuptials. Commonly hosted by the friends and/or family of the bride- the wedding shower is usually held between 4-6 weeks before the wedding day of the couple being honored.

The obvious intent of the wedding shower is to assist the new couple in establishing their lives together. Once the bride has registered, this event will allow friends and family to purchase gifts needed when the two begin their lives together. In fact, the wedding shower concept actually began as an alternative to the dowry when friends and families began placing small gifts in parasols that were opened over the brides head, showering the maiden with gifts for her new life.

Although bridal showers began as simple affairs, today they can be casual or as lavish as you want. Surprising the bride used to be the norm, but today pretty much anything goes. Some brides even have multiple shower to accommodate family, friends and co-workers. Even wedding planners now assist brides to be in putting together the wedding showers so as to relieve the busy lady of that planning. Nevertheless, the basic idea of the shower has not changed much over the years- it remains a celebration where friends, family and the wedding party approve of the upcoming partnership and assist in getting the new relationship off to its very best start.


Bridal showers can be held any time between two weeks and six months prior to the actual wedding date. But given the upcoming wedding day, it's best to try and plan the date for the wedding shower at least a month before the wedding day. Send your wedding shower invitations 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event date to be sure you allow your guests enough time to plan to attend the bridal shower and have the chance to purchase gifts from the bridal registry. Generally, include those closest to the bride and groom- keeping in mind that showers today are not "just for girls." Co-ed couple showers are certainly embraced as a trendy and convenient way to make a party out of the day! Just be sure to monitor your guest list if there are multiple wedding showers being planned- no one wants to feel obligated to buy multiple gifts.

Everyone who makes it onto the guests list should receive their own personal invitation, unless you are inviting couples (whose invitations can then be shared) or children of the guests (who can be added to the bridal shower envelope wording if you'd like).  Finally, the etiquette still stands: only those being invited to the wedding should be invited to the bridal shower. (Co workers in the workplace are an exception to the rule so long as the shower is planned and being held in that venue by the office mates).

Be sure to include the following on your invitations:
  1. the bride's name so that guests know whose wedding shower this celebrates
  2. the date, time and location of the event
  3. provide directions If there are people being invited who are not familiar with the venue
  4. if the bride has a theme, feel free to mention it 
  5. let the guests know if they need to bring anything special- such as a dish for a potluck
  6. be sure to include the rsvp information- a name, phone number and/or email address AND clarify the date by which you need a response

The great thing about today's marketplace is that there are many customizable themes from which you can choose. The wedding shower invites can allude to the theme of the bride's wedding - to acknowledge all the planning she has done for the "big event" and her wedding day. If she has elected to have a damask themed wedding- try and find a shower invite that embraces the beauty of the pattern- even think about colors and favors that add a bit of the bride's scheme into the festivities.

Custom bridal shower invitations are the absolute rage of the current times. With so many options for customization, the wedding shower can be planned with little to no effort as far as the invites go. There are lots of companies vying for the bridal shower planner- so take your time and look around to be sure you find the perfect invitation for your bride. 

Some of my favorite designs I've created revolve around the wedding shower. I love the colors that today's brides are using and the chic turn that designs have taken over the past few years. I'd be happy to assist you with a customized design or feel free to browse the storefront for design inspirations. And as always, HAPPY PARTIES!!!

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